Scrunch© Frisbee

Whilst I do not claim to be the biggest player of frisbee itself, I do very much like the design of this,‘Scrunch Frisbee’. I never thought it would be my go-to for a great piece of design, but do I think it’s a brilliant piece of design for a number of reasons.

scrunch frisbee
Scrunch Frsibee

Firstly, its size is much smaller than most frisbees, at around 15cm wide. This means people with smaller hands, such as children, can easily throw this frisbee much easier compared to a larger sized one that is more difficult to grip.

Secondly, despite its small size, it still throws very well and is comparable with that of larger frisbees, yet makes it much more portable due to its smaller size. At only a few millimetres thickness, it’s very thin and light too.

The third reason I think it’s an excellent piece of design is its material. It’s made entirely from silicon, making it very inexpensive- at a cost of around around £5. Moreover, the fact it’s made from silicon also means that unlike other frisbees, when you catch it, it doesn’t hurt your hand. This is a great feature which also means you can play in areas where a normal frisbee may cause damage to your surroundings- like inside your house.

scrunch frsibee folded up
Scrunch Frisbee Folded Up

With all that said, as the name suggests, the Scrunch’s biggest asset is that you can ‘scrunch’ it up. This is a simple yet hugely impressive piece of design, allowing you to literally fold it up like a piece of paper and put it inside your pocket to take wherever you go.

You can pop this in your jacket pocket without even realising it’s there. For people like myself, who are not serious frisbee players, this is a great feature of the Scrunch.

Aside from the aerodynamics, which I am not qualified to explain, I think the Scrunch is a perfect example of how great design is often the most simple solution. It’s a very cheap, fun, and clever piece of design that proved a necessary item during lockdown!

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