Content Management – Small Business Revisited (Summary of Improvements)

  • Created a separate page layout and added separate title, meta tags
  • Created with a mobile-first layout, added media queries for breakpoints
  • Added favicon
  • Created a simple logo in illustrator and added this to the header (used png instead of SVG as the browser changes my chosen font to a default fallback font)
  • Changed content to make it more SEO-friendly (keywords in h1)
  • Mobile-first layout, tried making it as responsive in mobile, tablet and desktop as possible
  • Added micro formats to the contact details for better SEO and findability
  • Did not add any landmark roles as most cases I thought semantic HTML elements would be a better option
  • Added custom 404 error page
  • Removed the invalid px unit on the img tag in my HTML
  • Added PHP server side includes for header/ navigation and footer
  • Added autoupdating copyright date with PHP
  • Added JavaScript file which displays an ‘open’ or ‘closed’ icon depending on the time and day

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